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1 September 2020

Delphiniums are a major international cut flower crop, but are only grown on a very small scale in the UK. There appears to be potential to increase UK production if product consistency and post-harvest quality can be improved. This information sheet provides a consensus of the key aspects of commercial delphinium production

1 September 2020

Cut foliage comes in many forms, typically serving to add texture, colour, interest and bulk to bouquets and other floral arrangements. This information sheet covers field-grown, woody cut foliage crops and is augmented where possible by observations from the demonstration plantings at the CFC.

1 September 2020

Hilverda Kooji has recently introduced Breanthus which is a new range of annual dianthus. The varieties trialled in 2012 were ‘Duke’, ‘Earl’, ‘King’ and ‘Queen’. The cutting raised plants are marketed as having good uniformity and spherical flower heads. The main purpose of the trial was to assess the market potential of the product, but some direct assessments such as overall stem counts were also undertaken.

12 October 2021

A summary of research trials from the cut flower centre on dianthus as a cut flower crop

1 September 2020

Hilverda Kooji has recently introduced a new range of ‘novelty’ spray carnations called Solomio and Star. The varieties trialled were Solomio ‘Fen’, ‘Sem’ and ‘Vin’ as well as Star ‘Cherry’. Solomio are the latest addition to the Sparkz assortment of flowers and are marketed as having their blooms held horizontally high on the stem creating a unique product.

1 September 2020

The National Cut Flower Centre (CFC) is based at Rookery Farm, Holbeach St Johns, Lincolnshire. Its aim, with funding from the Horticultural Development Company (HDC), is to offer independent trialling of a range of cut flowers crops, evaluate new production methodologies and examine new cultural techniques in the UK.

17 July 2020

Catch up with the latest update on the outcomes of HNS 198 ‘Improving weed control in hardy nursery stock production’, the Cut Flower Centre and SCEPTREplus projects.

6 August 2019

Innovations in glasshouse climate control, new varieties, downy mildew and post-harvest treatments for cut flowers