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7 September 2023

In the latest Defra release the total pig population in England at 01 June recorded the lowest number for 12 years.

15 March 2023

Join the Cornwall pig club for a virtual farm tour of a new dry sow house.

11 October 2021

Find out what options are available when switching to free farrowing and other alternative systems.

13 July 2021

The latest data shows that the GB pig breeding herd showed only marginal improvements in the 12-months ending December 2020.

18 February 2022

All you need to know about PRRS, how the virus spreads and what impact it can have on the industry

13 August 2018

It is important to keep the cost of producing piglets to a minimum to enable you to maximise profitability at sale. Knowing how your breeding herd performs helps you to identify where and how to concentrate your time, effort and investment to improve performance and reduce the cost of production.