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30 July 2020

Trimming cows’ feet pitfalls – some do’s and don’ts

20 April 2021

Trimming cows' feet: Five-step Dutch method

9 August 2020

Lifting a cow’s foot: Handy tips

9 August 2020

Foot trimming cattle to prevent and treat lameness

30 July 2020

Regularly scoring your cows for mobility is the first step towards reducing lameness in your herd.

9 August 2020

Use this three-step method to help you to identify any cows that need attention.

4 August 2020

Find out how to mobility score your dairy cows

27 February 2020

A guide to help you calculate the amount of concentrated chemical required in a footbath.

10 December 2019

Sara Pedersen shares some finding from her current PhD studies into hoof trimming.

29 May 2020

A handy pocket guide to help manage lamness and mobility in dairy cattle. Includes the essential tools that should be in your 'hoof trimming kit', how to sharpen knives, how to block the foot and when to call the vet out to deal with problems.