Mobility scoring for dairy cows

The mobility score of your herd shows you how many cows are lame at any one time. This allows you to more effectively manage your control plan and treatment.

What are the main benefits of mobility scoring?

  • Allows early detection of mobility issues, which when combined with prompt effective treatment can reduce the severity of lesions and the development of chronic changes within the foot
  • Identifies new problems at an early stage and monitor mobility trends
  • Provides figures to benchmark performance
  • Increases your awareness of cow foot health
  • Motivates farm staff to improve herd mobility and overall herd health

Hoof care for cows: Spot – Lift – Look

Use this three-step method to reduce lameness in your herd. Don’t delay, treat today.

The spot-look-lift method

Mobility scoring: how to score your cows

A simple step-by step guide and useful resources to score your herd and identify lame cattle.

How to mobility score your cows

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