21 June 2019

Join us this summer for three sheep events entitled ‘Talking Sheep 2019’ that are taking place across the country. The full-day events will form a series of technical sheep events in collaboration with industry partners looking at key areas of sheep production.

8 August 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

30 July 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

16 July 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

26 June 2019

Join Pete Orpin, and hear about the latest developments in Johne’s control.

31 May 2019

Internationally renowned vet Dr James Reynolds will discuss the latest animal welfare science at an AHDB meeting in Lanarkshire on 17 June.

30 May 2019

Antibiotic use in pigs dropped to 110 mg/PCU in 2018. Edging closer to the 2020 industry target of 99 mg/PCU.

15 November 2019

Sheep Breeders Round Table is a biennial technical conference for sheep breeders, farmers, academics, consultants and industry representatives. The dates are Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2019 at Radisson Blu at East Midlands airport.

20 June 2019

Joe Howard will be finishing 260 cattle this summer for the Dovecote Park supply chain. The finishers are a mix of suckler bred Aberdeen Angus and beef crosses from the business’s dairy farm. Historically, Joe has finished his cattle on a 100% forage based diet, however this year, he has implemented a small trial with 30 animals being fed ad lib barley once they had reached 550kg. Joe runs a rotational grazing system and outwinters stock on forage crops.

8 May 2019

Building an effective footbath is an essential part of dairy farm design. Work through the footbath fitness test to see if you can improve your footbath design and use.

2 May 2019

Following its success in 2017, the Sheep Breeders’ Round Table event has expanded and will return in November.

21 May 2019

Join Angela Cliff and local pig producers for an evening discussion, covering both water quantity/quality and gilt breeding.