24 February 2022

Cases of Swine Dysentery have been reported

21 February 2022

The role of serogroup specific vaccination in the control of footrot in sheep PhD

21 February 2022

Preventing Neonatal Infectious Arthritis in Lambs

18 February 2022

Hear from well-known feed companies and nutritionists as they discuss options for effectively managing weaned piglets without zinc oxide.

7 February 2022

A farming business situated on the North Cornwall-Devon border has been successful in applying to be a new AHDB Monitor Farm.

25 February 2022

Watery mouth is an infectious bacterial disease that can kill newborn lambs usually within the first 3 days of life. Lambs pick up infection from the environment and the bacteria multiply very rapidly in the gut. Affected lambs die within hours.

17 February 2022

South Yorkshire pig club: learn about your options for managing weaned pigs without zinc oxide.

10 March 2022


21 January 2022

Find out when the next Pig Health Scheme assessment is in your area.

3 February 2022

Protecting the efficacy of existing antibiotics and underpining our reputation.

10 March 2022

When vaccines are administered correctly, they are a great way of preventing disease whilst also reducing antibiotic use.

4 February 2022

Managing nutrition to ensure optimum calf health and growth