Mobility scoring: how to score your cows

Regularly scoring your cows for mobility is the first step towards reducing lameness in your herd.

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Mobility scoring

Mobility scoring is based on a scale from 0 to 3, with 0 being good mobility and 3 being severely impaired mobility. 

Good mobility – Score 0

Description of cow behaviour 
  • Walks with even weight-bearing and rhythm on all four feet, with a flat back
  • Long, fluid strides possible
Suggested actions
  • Routine (preventative) foot-trimming when/if required
  • Record mobility at next scoring session

Imperfect mobility – Score 1

Description of cow behaviour
  • Steps uneven (rhythm or weight-bearing) or strides shortened; affected limb or limbs not immediately identifiable
Suggested actions
  • Would benefit from routine (preventative) foot-trimming when/if required
  • Further observation recommended

Impaired mobility – Score 2

Description of cow behaviour
  • Uneven weight-bearing on a limb that is immediately identifiable and/or obviously shortened strides (usually with an arch to the centre of the back)
Suggested actions
  • Lame and requires prompt treatment
  • Foot should be lifted to establish the cause of lameness before treatment
  • Should be attended to as soon as practically possible

Severely impaired mobility – Score 3

Description of cow behaviour
  • Unable to walk as fast as a brisk human pace (cannot keep up with the healthy herd)
  • Lame leg easy to identify – limping; may barely stand on lame leg(s); back arched when standing and walking
  • Very lame
Suggested actions
  • This cow is very lame and requires urgent attention, nursing and further professional advice
  • Examine as soon as possible
  • Cow will benefit from treatment
  • Cow should not be made to walk far and kept on a straw yard or at grass
  • In the most severe cases, culling may be the only possible solution

Useful links

Mobility score sheet

Mobility score pad

If you would like to order a hard copy of the Mobility score sheet or Mobility score pad, please contact or call 0247 799 0069.