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29 September 2021

The 2021 forecast has been refined, partly in response to industry concerns that the service had become disconnected from field realities.

27 September 2021

Learn about the drivers of risk and management options

20 September 2021

Leaves, flowers, stems and pods may all show symptoms of infection

1 October 2020

The predicted date for threshold breach varies widely across the UK

8 October 2021

When use is necessary, a well-timed fungicide is an important part of control

10 October 2019

Some OSR may already have 10% of the crop affected by phoma, according to the leaf spot forecast for the disease.

16 May 2019

How air temperature influences disease resistance to phoma in oilseed rape was investigated by this research.

28 September 2021

Cankers can effectively strangle a plant, cutting off vital water and nutrient supplies