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18 September 2019

Event organisers can secure a top speaker this winter

18 September 2019

The results from the trials and demonstrations at Lodge Farm

3 September 2019

An update on our Fight Against Blight service

25 June 2019

The recent warm, wet weather in many regions has created the perfect conditions for potato blight development

18 June 2019

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin scores and target T3 fungicide sprays in wheat

26 April 2019

No significant economic benefit from increasing azole or SDHI dose, above current farm practice, was found in a recent analysis of AHDB fungicide performance data by ADAS.

5 December 2018

The management of fungicide resistance in wheat and barley pathogens is the focus of two new publications.

18 September 2019

Fungicide Futures is an initiative led by AHDB and FRAG-UK to help put good anti-resistance practice at the heart of fungicide programmes.

20 November 2018

A project to extend a Scottish ramularia forecast service to the rest of the UK resulted in the cessation of the forecast completely.

8 November 2018

Storage Systems workshop from David Turner detailing fungicide application

7 November 2018

A number of methods of seed tuber treatment have been investigated with the aim of improving the coverage and hence the efficacy of fungicide treatment.

17 October 2019

Our fungicide performance work provides high-quality, independent information on the efficacy of fungicides against key diseases in wheat, barley and oilseed rape.