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1 June 2020

The latest antibiotic usage figures for the UK pig industry show that levels remain unchanged last year, despite significant disease challenges.

9 June 2020

Explore the electronic medicine hub for cattle and sheep for recording antibiotic use and medicines

30 May 2019

Antibiotic use in pigs dropped to 110 mg/PCU in 2018. Edging closer to the 2020 industry target of 99 mg/PCU.

30 July 2018

A webinar to demonstrate the electronic medicines book

25 February 2019

eMB-Pigs is an electronic medicine book. It's a safe and convenient way to record usage so producers can understand and optimise their antibiotic use. eMB is a Red Tractor assurance scheme requirement. Annual, aggregated records of antibiotic use must be kept, including antibiotics in feed