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24 March 2021

Learn more about new dairy breeding indexes being released this year to help improve cow health and your breeding programme.

13 November 2020

Strategic farm: learn how to select the right genetics for an autumn block calving herd.

2 April 2020

National genetic averages will be recalculated to reflect progress made over the last five years

7 November 2022

Register for the Herd Genetic Report

25 January 2021

How Dylan Harries is using our spring calving index to inform breeding decisions and drive profitability

13 November 2019

We’ll explore how to get the most from your breeding decisions with Andy Rutter from Clayden Farm Partners.

12 September 2023

Two new online tools will help dairy farmers choose bulls that better match their requirements and improve the accuracy of semen order volumes.

18 November 2019

Our top tips for preparing for, making and reviewing semen purchase decisions along with questions to ask your semen representative

15 December 2023

Our campaign providing the tools, resources, expertise and case studies from other farmers to help start your breeding journey.

23 October 2019

A series of practical workshops to help you identify and select the right sires to meet your breeding goals.

27 October 2023

Our campaign to help consider your options about using sexed semen and make informed decisions.

13 May 2019

The genetic traits dairy farmers should focus on to increase daily lifetime yields for fat and protein.