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10 April 2024

EU dairy product availability: supplies tightened in Q4

3 April 2024

Switzerland is a net-importer of food and consumers value quality and sustainable red meat and dairy. With high prices and falling production, this may enable more UK products to be exported, specifically beef and dairy.

9 April 2024

Trade between the UK and Switzerland at a glance

21 March 2024

A drive to help boost British dairy exports following an additional £1m investment from the Government will take shape this year, with AHDB very much at the forefront.

12 March 2024

UK dairy product availability: Mixed picture in Q4 2023

7 March 2024

Eight businesses joined us at FoodEx to help promote British red meat and grow exports.

5 March 2024

Dishes featuring high-quality British dairy and red meat are being cooked up by three of Hong Kong’s most talented chefs as part of a month-long campaign

27 February 2024

Sitting in Dubai Airport, amid the hustle and bustle of travellers from around the globe, I find a moment to reflect on my experience at Gulfood, the world's largest annual food and drink event.

22 February 2024

2023 dairy trade review: improved balance of trade

2 February 2024

UK dairy product availability Q3 2023: Powder supplies shrink as huge boost to exports in Africa and the Middle East

7 December 2023

Compared to figures seen 4 weeks ago the EU average price has declined by just over 2p.

21 November 2023

Exporters have been developing further opportunities to satisfy the appetite for red meat in West Africa