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30 June 2021

A combination of cultural and fungicide control measures will provide the best strategy for managing rusts on bedding and pot plants.

14 August 2020

Damaged crops cost the UK potato industry over £200/ha and care needs to be taken at every stage of the production system to minimise this cost. Planning ahead, routine maintenance and adapting machinery settings to the conditions are key areas to reducing the risk of damaging crops

13 May 2020

Useful tips for preventing and managing fires on pig farms

13 May 2020

Follow this guidance to ensure your pig farm meets current health and safety regulations

13 May 2020

Understand the dangers on your pig farm and what you can do to reduce the risks

24 July 2020

Guidance on making your farm a safe, healthy and legal place for employers, employees and visitors

14 August 2020

Safe Potatoes Operations training online courses in six languages to help you keep your potato team safe

15 September 2020

Supporting and additional information to the Safe Potato Operations training modules

12 May 2021

Understanding how animals react and what stimulates them helps producers improve handling facilities, making cattle handling safer and more efficient. This manual aims to improve producers' understanding of animal behaviour, helping them refine their skills and improve their facilities

22 May 2018

Warning leaflet for farm staff. Contaminating seed potatoes with glyphosate, even at very low levels, can lead to poor performance of seed potatoes. Use this leaflet to advise staff of the importance of safe application when near seed potatoes