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30 January 2024

According to 2022 BCMS data, the share of GB farms running any sort of block calving system has risen to 18.7%

11 October 2021

Join George Wade and independent consultant Chris Coxon for an on-farm meeting looking at heifer rearing

30 August 2023

Westcoast Guarantee (£ACI 619) remains in number one position in the Autumn Calving Index, which sees more dominance by the Holstein

25 January 2021

The launch of our latest autumn block calving strategic farm run by the Wade family

2 January 2020

Strategic Farm - At this meeting we will discuss Spring Grazing in Autumn Calving Systems, Join dairy grazing consultant, Andre Van Barneveld and SDF farmer Arthur Owen and explore how to prepare your gazing platform for maximum success at this event in North Wales

15 November 2019

At this time of year, the annual respite following calving gives autumn block herds valuable time to reflect and begin to think about breeding for next season.

15 November 2019

Genetics makes the difference between being average and being great according to Lloyd Holterman from Rosy Lane Holsteins in Wisconsin, USA.

1 August 2019

Herd manager, Wil Armitage turned his back on high production in favour of breeding for profit.

7 August 2018

Attention to detail is of paramount importance at Buscot Wick Farm, Oxfordshire where an autumn block calving system provides the simplicity they desire, allowing them to focus on producing the best milk they can in the most efficient way.

9 August 2018

A paper setting out the context and brackground to Optimal Dairy Systems looking at the merits of all year round and block calving systems, the impact on the supply chain and key performance indicators.