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7 May 2021

This week, our senior strategic insight manager Sarah Baker takes a look at Defra’s recent announcement of a pilot scheme for its Sustainable Farming Incentive, one of three new schemes to encourage environmental land management as we transition from direct payments.

2 March 2021

This session explores why we should invest time and effort in measuring and reporting our sustainability and environmental performance and how this information will be required and used within the supply chain.

19 February 2021

When cows lie down, teats and teat ends will come into close contact with the bacteria in the bedding. Our top tips for bedding compare the different bedding types and advise how best to store them.

15 February 2021

This webinar is for levy payers who want to understand more about the carbon cycle and where they fit into it.

19 February 2021

Housing designed with the cow in mind is important, to reduce environmental risks for mastitis. Fundamental issues with building design, ventilation and stocking rate can often mean new infection rates remain high, particularly in higher-yielding herds.

18 February 2021

The risk of infection from the environment is likely to be lower if the cow and her environment are clean. Our cleanliness checks can help you measure how much muck and dirt is on different body parts.

1 February 2021

During a challenging year and against a backdrop of major change for industry, consumer attitudes towards UK farmers has grown in positivity.

8 March 2021

A week of events looking at practical advice for farmers and growers on carbon measurement and environmental management

29 January 2021

Following on from 2019’s research into Trust and Transparency in the British food system, we look at how consumer attitudes have evolved over 2020 in the wake of coronavirus. We explore how important the environment is to consumers in the UK, and look at farming’s relative position on environmental issues.

24 November 2020

Seed and ware preparing to change: an online conference for the British potato industry

20 November 2020

The rate of ammonia volatilisation from floors is influenced by ambient temperature and air exchange rate. Controlling these factors will reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Controlling the release of nitrogen, a key component of ammonia, ensures more is retained as valuable fertiliser.