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2 July 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society, featuring a conversation between Paul Muto, Natural England; Professor Chris Reynolds, University of Reading; Sam Lane, Cotswold Seeds and dairy farmer, Rob Richmond.

16 July 2020

What if we told you, cooling slurry in storage is reported to reduce ammonia emissions by up to 75% and the heat extracted can be used to heat livestock housing, thus reducing energy costs and the use of gas and oil

1 June 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb for a discussion with Independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant, Dr Jude Capper from Oxfordshire and farmer and Chairman of Exmoor Hill Farming Network, Dave Knight, to share what farmers on Exmoor are doing to face the challenges and opportunities.

6 May 2020

Table Talk: The positive role of livestock on the environment

27 November 2019

Open letter to the BBC by AHDB, QMS and HCC

19 November 2019

Software may now enable British farmers and growers to unlock the full potential of their land by applying the exact nutrients it needs.

15 October 2019

We explore how engaged consumers are with food production issues, which elements of the food system are most trusted, how demonstrating shared values can boost trust, where consumers get their information from and will look at potential barriers to trust in the future.

17 October 2019

Blue Planet 2 brought plastic pollution to the forefront of the British environment debate. New research by AHDB has shown plastic usage in packaging is a concern for 86% of consumers.

8 July 2019

Rob Fox of Squab Hall Farm, Leamington, is trying to find practical approaches to reduce the environmental impact of farming, while maintaining productivity.

6 June 2019

To help improve British soils, a system akin to traffic lights and an MOT is in development as part of an Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) research partnership.

29 May 2019

Industry needs to adopt a fully integrated approach to managing pests, weeds and diseases, to support sustainable farming in the long-term, according to AHDB.

22 January 2020

Useful, fact-based info about red meat and the environment