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24 November 2020

Seed and ware preparing to change: an online conference for the British potato industry

20 November 2020

The rate of ammonia volatilisation from floors is influenced by ambient temperature and air exchange rate. Controlling these factors will reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Controlling the release of nitrogen, a key component of ammonia, ensures more is retained as valuable fertiliser.

6 November 2020

Ammonia (NH3) is a key air pollutant that can have significant effects on both human health and the environment.

28 September 2020

A new video showcasing British farming

25 September 2020

Reducing the worlds population of dairy cows doesn't have to mean less dairy for consumers

14 September 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion with the British Grassland Society, on practical advice for establishing herbal leys in 2021 and beyond

2 July 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society, featuring a conversation between Paul Muto, Natural England; Professor Chris Reynolds, University of Reading; Sam Lane, Cotswold Seeds and dairy farmer, Rob Richmond.

19 August 2020

Cooling slurry in storage is not only better for the environment, it's better from an economic perspective, too. Find out more about slurry cooling and how you can implement it.

1 June 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb for a discussion with Independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant, Dr Jude Capper from Oxfordshire and farmer and Chairman of Exmoor Hill Farming Network, Dave Knight, to share what farmers on Exmoor are doing to face the challenges and opportunities.

6 May 2020

Table Talk: The positive role of livestock on the environment

27 November 2019

Open letter to the BBC by AHDB, QMS and HCC