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23 September 2021

Find out how you can manage your environmental impact

26 August 2021

AHDB's James Holmes on the Environment Agency’s new guidelines

20 August 2021

In previous years, speakers have looked at identifying and accessing markets, and the business of selling and communicating beyond the farmgate. This year, the emphasis is realising and valuing the brand of ‘UK farming plc’ as the industry goes forward post-Brexit with a new UK Agriculture Policy. As BPS reduces and ELMS is introduced, we focus on how farmers and businesses can capitalise on value and added value in the supply chain for the ‘public good’ they do.

29 July 2021

Our latest outlook for the UK beef market is now online. Find out our forecasts for slaughter, production, consumption and trade for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

23 September 2021

A simple look at how combined early rollout Sustainable Farming Incentive and reduced Direct Payments (2022-24) could compare with 2020 levels.

23 September 2021

A simple look at the difference between Sustainable Farming Incentive payments plus reduced Direct Payments (2022-2024) and 2020 payment levels.

22 July 2021

The Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) were introduced in April 2018 to fulfil obligations on diffuse pollution under the Water Framework Directive, particularly in regard to reducing phosphorus (P) losses to water from agriculture.

23 June 2021

AHDB's Dr Jon Foot shares his thoughts how farming can get to net zero

3 June 2021

Soil microorganisms play a central role in driving soil processes.

3 June 2021

Nematodes are commonly used as biological indicators.

3 June 2021

Nematodes are a diverse group, including plant parasites and predators that feed on bacteria, fungi or other nematodes.

3 June 2021

Earthworms incorporate organic material into the soil and provide channels for root growth.