Contents tagged with environment

6 January 2022

Blog with analyst Jess Corsair looking at the new environmental schemes announced at OFC

8 December 2021

AHDB’s Dr Jonathan Foot summarises the new Environment Act and how it will impact levy payers.

6 December 2021

Amandeep explores new information on how SFI will work in 2022

18 July 2022

Find out how your levy is used to improve the welfare of your animals.

19 November 2021

Find out how we've been working with levy payers to improve farm performance.

12 November 2021

Blog explaining the hidden work AHDB does to address misleading information in the media, using an evidence-based approach

22 November 2021

Dr Georgina Key explains how new guidance helps farmers adjust their use of costly nitrogen fertilisers and the likely effect this will have on yield

9 November 2021

Dr Jonathan Foot outlines how to join the race to Net Zero

1 November 2021

UK Dairy Roadmap announces historic net-zero climate ambition

22 November 2021

PigProGrAm aims to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia emissions from livestock

7 December 2021

In the UK, 70% of food waste post-farm gate came from households, the equivalent of over £14 billion worth of food, and 20 million tonnes of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions a year (WRAP, August 2021).