Beef and lamb at a glance

March 2023

This webpage provides a snapshot of key information relating to the beef and lamb market.

A summary of the beef and lamb market in 2022

  • GB deadweight lamb prices in 2022 were little changed on 2021, with the annual average SQQ (Standard Quality Quotation) down 1.7% on the year at 567.3p/kg
  • The annual average GB deadweight prime cattle price in 2022 was up 8.5% on the previous year at 431.8p/kg
  • GB deadweight cull cow prices in 2022 were up 23.5% year-on-year at 333.6p/kg
  • Average annual deadweight R3 steer prices in Northern Ireland and Ireland were up on 2021 by 9.5% and 16%, respectively. French lamb prices were up 7.4% on 2021
  • GB retail sales on primary and processed beef and lamb in 2022 were £2.95bn and £0.59bn, respectively
  • UK slaughterings of prime cattle, cows and clean sheep were all up in 2022 on the previous year
  • Sheep meat and beef and veal production in 2022 stood at 276,400 t and 906,400 t, respectively, both increases on 2021
  • UK self-sufficiency for beef and veal increased year-on-year to 81.8% in 2022. In contrast, sheep meat self-sufficiency fell to 103.9%
  • UK exports of beef and veal and sheep meat stood at 123,713 t and 75,307 t in 2022, respectively
  • UK exports of beef and veal and sheep meat are dominated by the EU, accounting for 85% of beef and veal and 93% of sheep meat shipments

 Beef and lamb market in 2022: the infographics

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Beef and lamb at a glance

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