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3 June 2020

Discover how our fungicide performance trials are designed, assessed, analysed and reported

21 May 2020

Information to help you optimise your fungicide programmes in wheat

15 April 2020

This information will help you match fungicides to the primary disease risk(s) in wheat.

19 May 2020

Essential information for the main cereal spray timings

5 December 2019

Much-needed new and promising products feature in the cereals and oilseeds fungicide performance curves

25 April 2019

Results from genetic and phenotypic analyses on septoria tritici isolates collected from the field in 2015.

25 March 2019

Use fungicides and varieties wisely, to protect crop health and yields.

28 February 2019

East Anglia farmers urged to work more closely with nature at Agronomy 2019 event

2 June 2020

Our fungicide performance work provides high-quality, independent information on the efficacy of fungicides against key diseases in wheat, barley and oilseed rape.

22 January 2020

This definitive guide to cereal diseases in the UK contains full colour photgraphs for identification plus information on hosts, symptoms and life cycles.

17 March 2020

Septoria tritici is the most important wheat disease in the UK. Fungicides are currently the primary control method and anti-resistance strategies need to be applied to preserve and extend the useful life of these active ingredients.