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15 April 2021

The British potato industry remains in a state of great uncertainty and at significant risk of crop wastage and economic failure

17 December 2020

The key to the effectiveness of mint oil is to keep the active as a fog during application. Learn from this article how you can achieve this.

17 December 2020

Who can use DMN? Why did the EAMU only cover some varieties? Who was consulted?

10 December 2020

Approval has been granted for controlled use of DMN on a limited number of varieties, pre nominated by member companies of the Potato Processors Association (PPA).

26 January 2021

Investing £500,000 a year in storage research to help find alternatives to CIPC for sprout control and providing direct storage support to levy payers

13 November 2020

In the first season without CIPC, making use of all available tools and methods for controlling sprouting will become paramount.

19 April 2021

If you have to store your potatoes temporally the most important things to take in consideration are ventilation, condensation and sprout control

7 October 2020

The steps you should take as soon as your store is loaded. Includes H&S update and harvest figures update

3 September 2020

Your checklist at harvest time to help make the 2020/21 storage season a successful one

19 August 2020

A well-sealed store will decrease your energy bills, and increase the efficiency on sprout suppressants like ethylene and spearmint oil

24 July 2020

A list of key questions that you’ve been asking during our storage webinars.

23 July 2020

Our potato trade portal will now host non-human consumption customers, such as those who operate Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.