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20 October 2021

Over the past few weeks, prime cattle prices have faced some pressure. In general, supply remains tight with fewer animals on the ground.

14 October 2021

Gaps that had formed between some EU and UK dairy commodity prices have started to converge again.

13 October 2021

The EU-spec SPP moved up in the week ended 9 October, reaching 151.01p/kg.

7 October 2021

Over the past two weeks lamb prices have ticked up and there are tentative signs in auction market throughputs this week that this may have finally pulled some supplies forwards.

5 October 2021

The steady decline in EU pig prices, which began in mid-June, has continued in recent weeks

30 September 2021

Liveweight lamb prices have picked back up somewhat this week, with the number being marketed remaining relatively low. The liveweight NSL SQQ averaged 227.2p/kg.

30 September 2021

The general steady picture that has developed in the prime deadweight trade over the last couple of weeks continued in the week ended 25 September.

24 September 2021

During the most recent week there have been a variety of challenges facing the beef industry. Despite these challenges in the most recent week saw cattle prices ticked up.

22 September 2021

The Global Dairy Trade price index rose another 1% to US$4,011 at the latest event (21 September).

16 September 2021

Both the liveweight and deadweight GB lamb prices eased in the latest reporting weeks.

15 September 2021

Prime cattle prices have recorded marginal declines in the latest week. During the week ending 11 September the GB all prime average cattle price slipped 0.8p.

9 September 2021

Liveweight prices have been under pressure this week, with the GB liveweight NSL SQQ falling 4.25p to 232.89p/kg in the week ended 8 September.