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25 May 2022

In the week ending 21 May, the EU spec SPP increased by 3.19p to 175.95p/kg

25 May 2022

In the week ending 21 May, the average deadweight prime cattle price was 438.7p/kg, steady on the week previous (+0.1p).

19 May 2022

In the week ending 18 May, liveweight lamb prices declined with the OSL SQQ dropping 13.7p, to 255.6p/kg

11 May 2022

The EU spec SPP for the week ending 7 May was 171.61p/kg, up 4.78 on the week previous.

11 May 2022

Are recent milk price increases enough to kick start milk production growth?

27 April 2022

Milk pricing cycle in GB adapts to high cost environment

21 April 2022

The GB liveweight OSL SQQ remained steady for the week ending 20 April, dropping only 0.12p to 276.20p/kg.

20 April 2022

Prices on the New-Zealand based Global Dairy Trade (GDT) platform have eased off in the last few weeks, suggesting that sky-high prices may have peaked.

14 April 2022

Lamb prices have again increased on week earlier levels. Growth in the liveweight old season SQQ has slowed, gaining 1.43p week-on-week to 276.32p/kg.

30 March 2022

UK prices follow global price rises in response to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

30 March 2022

Cattle prices are currently at their highest since 2014 amongst continuing rises in input costs.

10 March 2022

Lamb prices have diverged in trend with liveweight prices falling and deadweight rising. In the week ended 9 March the GB liveweight OSL SQQ slipped 1.75p, to 259.64p/kg.