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30 July 2020

During the week ending 29 July the GB liveweight NSL SQQ increased 7.3p week-on-week, to 224.36p/kg. With prices at these high levels the key question on many minds is where will they go next? Some reports have suggested August could bring a return to more normal trade.

30 July 2020

Ex-farm feed wheat prices steadily increased week-on-week throughout July.

29 July 2020

Chinese prices for liveweight pigs have been moving up since mid-May, supported by a lack of market-ready pigs.

22 July 2020

In the week ending 18 July, the EU-spec SPP recorded an increase of 0.25p on the week to average 165.61p/kg.

23 July 2020

When it comes to selling bull calves for rearing at auction, the breed of the calf has a big impact on price.

14 July 2020

During recent weeks finished lamb prices have been strong for the time of year, but the same can’t be said for cull ewe prices.

13 July 2020

Our latest review of the way the indicators are calculated means some changes are proposed.

9 July 2020

In recent weeks GB lamb prices have recorded some unusual trends for the time of year. Recent industry reports suggest there are plenty of British lambs available for kill, total supply within the EU is under pressure.

8 July 2020

The EU-spec SPP continued its upwards trajectory in the week ending 4 July.

7 July 2020

In the week ending 28 June 2020, the EU average weaner price stood at €50.45/head, around €7.5/head lower than this time last year.

2 July 2020

The UK wheat crop is expected to be smaller year-on-year, with UK crop conditions now varying across regions.

1 July 2020

The EU-spec SPP continued its upwards trajectory in the week ending 27 June.