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3 April 2020

Weekly update of dairy markets 30 March - 3 April

3 April 2020

The GB liveweight OSL SQQ fell a further 18.6p, to 202.15p/kg, in the week ending 1 April. Taking the last two weeks together, prices have dropped by 47.9p/kg.

1 April 2020

We look at the reasons why certain processors have announced such dramatic price changes.

26 March 2020

The past week has been firmly spilt in two for the GB lamb market. The weekly GB liveweight OSL SQQ fell almost 30p in the week ended 25 March, to 220.76p/kg.

24 March 2020

Yesterday liveweight lamb prices fell sharply. The daily GB OSL SQQ declined by almost 73p week-on-week, which is equivalent to around £30/head, to 188.64p/kg.

20 March 2020

EU dairy futures have shifted down as the impact of the virus continued to be felt across the industry

6 March 2020

During the week ending 4 March, the GB OSL liveweight SQQ increased 3.5p, to 238.39p/kg.

6 March 2020

Standard litre and actual milk prices have diverged over recent months, but why?

20 February 2020

The Global Dairy Trade price index was down 2.9% following the 18 February event.

13 February 2020

UK farmgate prices remained remarkably steady across 2019, despite the uncertainty.

7 February 2020

In the week ended 1 February the GB all prime average remained steady at 331.9p/kg.

31 January 2020

Lamb farmgate prices have again recorded some week-on-week rises. In the week ended 29 January, the GB liveweight OSL SQQ increased 4p.