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24 May 2022

Find out if the Sustainable Farming Incentive is for you.

22 March 2022

Exports are the engine which drives economic growth. Every year, the UK exports around £1.5 billion worth of red meat around the globe, with more than 550,000 tonnes of sheep meat, beef, and pig meat shipped in 2021.

5 November 2021

Learn about what the impact of a free trade agreement with Australia may have on UK agriculture.

17 September 2021

Despite a few challenging years, the EU remains a hugely important market for UK red meat and dairy exports.

1 April 2021

Independent evidence-based analysis on the opportunities and challenges for the sheep sector over the next 10 years

18 March 2021

New analysis highlights the risks and the opportunities a new trade deal with the US may bring for UK food and farming

19 March 2021

Independent evidence-based analysis on a possible US/UK trade deal to cut through the speculation and answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and the wider agri-food sector.

19 July 2019

Output from the UK beef and sheep livestock sector exceeds £5 billion equating to 20% of gross output. The UK imports and exports large volumes of both beef and lamb with trade taking place in both directions as a result of seasonal variations, states of product and carcase balancing activities.

27 June 2019

Analyst Luke Crossman looks at what top performing dairy farms are doing differently from those that are not as financially successful.

21 October 2019

Capitalising on the many opportunities Asia presents for food and farming, is the focus of a new report launched today

14 April 2020

Tap into opportunities for meat, dairy and potatoes across Asia by exploring its diverse and changing needs

12 April 2019

Understand how different Brexit scenarios could affect your farm business incomes