The impact of a UK-New Zealand free trade agreement on UK agriculture

Read our series of articles to learn about what the impact of a free trade agreement with New Zealand may have on UK agriculture. We answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and agri-food stakeholders, and present evidence-based analysis and quantitative economic modelling.

What could a deal with New Zealand mean for UK food and farming?

In this series of articles, we turn our attention to one of a number of new trade deals that the UK will be signing over the course of the next few years.

There has been intense media scrutiny over the impacts new trade deals will have on the UK supply chain, not least a trade deal with New Zealand. This report looks to cut through some of the speculation and provide an evidence-based appraisal on the opportunities and risks of a UK-New Zealand trade deal.

It looks at:

  • How competitive New Zealand might be in the UK marketplace
  • What opportunities there might be in the New Zealand market
  • How New Zealand agriculture stacks up against the UK in terms of size and scale

Over the next two months we explore a range of evidence, including current production and trade patterns, comparative costs and methods of production, analysis of the impacts of previous trade agreements, agricultural policy change in New Zealand as well as economic modelling. Through this work we hope to quantify the potential impacts a trade deal might have, and opportunities for UK producers.

Published articles

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