Opportunities for the sheep sector

Independent evidence-based analysis on the opportunities and challenges for the sheep sector over the next 10 years.

Staying profitable in times of change

Within this Horizon report, we assess the key opportunities for the sheep sector over the next 10 years. Every 6 months, AHDB Market Intelligence team produces a sector outlook, incorporating production forecasts, trade prospects and the consumption outlook.

In producing recent outlooks, our attention has turned to the longer-term prospect for sheep meat. Some key changes will occur in the sheep sector. With the issue of UK exit from the EU now resolved this is an opportune moment to explore the evidence, and understand what needs to be done to grasp the opportunities ahead.

This Horizon report includes content around:

  • Sheep trade – how the market works in the UK in terms of production, imports and exports.
  • Domestic consumer demand – who are the customers for sheep meat, and how important are key trends such as health, the environment and the rise of ‘dish-based’ cuisine?
  • Global consumer demand – with demand for sheep meat growing globally at close to 2% a year, where are the key growing markets?
  • Competition analysis – Australia and New Zealand will be key international competitors, how do our typical farms compare?


Report author David Swales and Rebecca Miah, Sector Strategy Director, discuss key issues from the report.

Listen to the Horizon report podcast

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