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29 October 2020

Imports of fresh/frozen pork into South Korea declined in the year to September

23 October 2020

The latest HMRC data shows that total UK sheep meat trade declined on the previous year for the month of August, with COVID-19 continuing to impact trade

17 September 2020

Import volumes had been suppressed for several years and 2020 was no different. However, the farmgate price difference between British and New Zealand lamb has widened to the widest level for this time of year since 2016. This could mean that more New Zealand product is attracted onto the UK market.

17 September 2020

In July, UK pig meat exports increased by 23% on the year. Imports meanwhile continued to track below last year.

7 October 2020

Although the pandemic seems to have reduced UK dairy imports, export volumes were above the three-year average.

10 September 2020

Red meat exports from the UK have enjoyed a good start to the year with shipments already worth £733 million in the first six months – up nearly three per cent on the same period last year.

2 September 2020

Chinese whey imports reached a ten-year high in July, running 64% up on the year before, suggesting the pig herd is rebuilding after ASF

21 August 2020

UK beef trade continued to contract year-on-year during June. Total beef imports recorded a 4% (1,000 tonne) decline, according to HMRC data. Meanwhile, exports were also down around 1,000 tonnes having been high during the summer of 2019.

20 August 2020

In June, UK pig meat exports moved back to recording year-on-year growth, while imports remained down on the year.

19 August 2020

Japan has been a small but growing destination for UK cheese exports over the last few years, and has been recently highlighted as part of the UK-Japan free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations.

5 August 2020

Global exports in dairy products are forecast to fall by 4.1% in 2020, according to the FAO. What could this mean for the UK?

31 July 2020

Will pig meat production increase again? A look at the UK pork industry, trade and domestic consumption.