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22 February 2024

2023 dairy trade review: improved balance of trade

30 January 2024

UK/Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations suspended

25 January 2024

A round up of the lamb markets for November 2023.

19 January 2024

The most recent beef and lamb trade data has been released by HMRC for November 2023, we explore the detail.

2 February 2024

UK dairy product availability Q3 2023: Powder supplies shrink as huge boost to exports in Africa and the Middle East

5 January 2024

UK beef exports strengthen in October, but remain below last years levels

5 January 2024

A round up of the latest prices, production, and trade data in the UK pork market.

21 December 2023

A roundup of the lamb markets for November 2023

21 December 2023

Australia have allocated 4,144 tonnes of sheep meat under the TRQ from the end of May to December. This is around the five-year average for total imports from Australia.

23 November 2023

A round up of the lamb markets for October 2023.

22 November 2023

UK beef imports remained relatively steady at 18,350 tonnes for September, as GB steer prices continue to trade at a notable premium to Irish steers

19 February 2024

GDT Price Index: takes a step down at the latest event