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24 May 2022

New Zealand has slaughtered 12.8million sheep and lambs in the first half of the 2021/22 season (which began in October), totalling 256,000 tonnes of sheep meat

18 May 2022

China’s demand for dairy products plays a pivotal role in setting the price direction on global dairy markets. What can we expect from them in 2022?

17 May 2022

UK exports of pig meat (excluding offal) totalled 24,400 tonnes in March 2022, up 23% from February but down 3% on the same time last year.

17 March 2022

The UK trade balance for all dairy products was negative in volume terms in 2021, following two years of a small surplus.

22 March 2022

Exports are the engine which drives economic growth. Every year, the UK exports around £1.5 billion worth of red meat around the globe, with more than 550,000 tonnes of sheep meat, beef, and pig meat shipped in 2021.

19 January 2022

Exports in the year-to November were down 20%, to 62,200 tonnes. There were some challenges to exporting in 2021 with not only the on-going Covid-19 pandemic but also new trading arrangements and trade friction post the end of the Brexit transition period.

19 January 2022

UK dairy trade in 2021 continues to be down on the year overall, though there were some small signs of positivity in November

6 January 2022

September was another difficult month for EU pig meat exports.

16 December 2021

The UK’s export performance continued to falter in October. Imports were also down on a year earlier.

22 November 2021

UK pig meat exports (including offal) in September dropped back to the lowest level since January, at 24,900 tonnes.

17 November 2021

UK dairy trade continues to be down on the year overall, but butter and powders had year-on-year growth in Q3

8 November 2021

In July, EU pig meat exports moved clearly below the level a year earlier for the first time since December 2018, totalling 421,000 tonnes.