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22 October 2021

Despite a widening price differential between farmgate pig prices in the UK and EU, UK imports remained relatively low during August.

30 September 2021

With a push for dairy export growth, how does that benefit farmers? Here we try to explain the economics.

16 September 2021

Dairy trade continues to be down in 2021, with July trade down on June for both exports and imports of the main dairy product categories.

16 September 2021

UK beef trade grew in both directions year-on-year in July, with imports up 15% and exports up 8%.

18 August 2021

UK dairy trade in the first half of 2021 was down over 10% on 2020, for both imports and exports.

17 September 2021

Despite a few challenging years, the EU remains a hugely important market for UK red meat and dairy exports.

27 July 2021

Both exports and imports of UK dairy had a mixed month-on-month performance, while remaining down on the year.

15 July 2021

In May UK sheep meat exports declined 23% year-on-year, to stand at 4,850 tonnes. The vast majority (95%) were to the EU.

13 July 2021

UK exports of pig meat and offal were lower than last year once again in May, at 32,100 tonnes. However, this was only 1% down on the same month in 2020.

14 July 2021

The UK imported 15,200 tonnes of fresh and frozen beef in May, according to the latest data from HMRC.

13 July 2021

A guide to processing pork from farm to plate

12 July 2021

A guide to processing lamb from farm to plate