Horizon scanning

22 May 2024

Defra has released further information on the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) today (21 May 2024), revealing an 'expanded and improved offer'.

4 March 2024

The final stage of the Welsh Government’s consultation regarding the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) is due to close on 07 March 2023. The proposal details the scope of the SFS, the actions involved, and how SFS payments will affect payments from the Basic Payment Scheme.

24 April 2024

Will it really pay to take farmland out of production and capitalise on high paying agri-environment actions? We consider the various considerations and implications at play.

18 June 2024

Learn what sets the highest-performing farms apart from the rest.

22 May 2024

As both trade deals are due to come into force, we look at the potential impact on agriculture.

3 April 2023

On Friday 31 March, the government announced an outline agreement had been reached for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

2 February 2023

Consumers red meat purchase behaviours in North America

24 April 2024

At the beginning of the year, we published an article in response to the UK government report on food security in the UK. Since then, it has become an increasingly important topic across governments, industry, and the public, with threats to food security coming from the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis.

8 December 2022

In this blog AHDB Trainee Analyst, Isabelle Shohet, explores the concept of policy coherence; the extent to which the various agricultural policies come with co-benefits and trade-offs.

28 March 2023

On Monday 5th September Defra announced the successful projects that will receive funding through the Landscape Recovery scheme. The 22 projects are across England and aim to restore rivers, and protect species and habitats. T

28 March 2023

This article explores the developments in Scottish agricultural policy.

28 March 2023

The first ever Welsh Agriculture Bill is presented before the Welsh Parliament, plus speculation around English policy.