Horizon scanning

9 May 2022

Bank of England’s decision to raise interest rates – what does this mean for our industry?

27 April 2022

Defra’s difficult balancing act

13 April 2022

New research shows SFI will fall short of replacing direct payments

24 March 2022

The UK and Canada have launched negotiations on a new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Ottawa

23 March 2022

Analyst Jess Corsair explores the issue of UK food security in light of Ukraine war

22 March 2022

The UK government have committed to publishing a report relating to food security in the UK at least once every three years as part of the Agriculture Act 2020 and the first report was published just before Christmas.

28 February 2022

Blog outlining the detail of NZ-UK deal for ag products

22 March 2022

Exports are the engine which drives economic growth. Every year, the UK exports around £1.5 billion worth of red meat around the globe, with more than 550,000 tonnes of sheep meat, beef, and pig meat shipped in 2021.

4 February 2022

Are you eligible to receive funding under the new Landscape Recovery scheme?

27 January 2022

Rising costs will be crucial to farm business planning over the next six months as high rates of inflation impact the UK agricultural economy, according to the latest AHDB Agri-Market Outlook.

26 January 2022

So, what does 2022 hold for the UK economy? It is not only experiencing the aftershocks of EU Exit but also the massive impact of a global pandemic that is showing little sign of abating at the time of writing.

13 January 2022

AHDB’s Farm Business Review is helping one Gloucestershire farmer add value to his farming operation by setting up a solid cost infrastructure for his new business venture in a bid to maximise profit.