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Supply Chain

1 April 2020

Guidance on deliveries, collections and travel during the COVID-19 outbreak

30 March 2020

A new report by AHDB will arm exporters with crucial information on the Vietnamese marketplace as work continues to gain access for UK pork.

30 March 2020

Download this letter template to issue to workers making essential journeys for the food supply chain.

27 March 2020

From recruiting workers to educating your workforce, we've created five top tips to help you through this challenging time.

26 March 2020

Coronavirus: read our advice on how to comply with movement restrictions to bedding and feeding options.

25 March 2020

Consider if there are any feed or manure management issues that may arise during the outbreak of coronavirus.

25 March 2020

New report highlights export opportunities for red meat sector; Vietnam and Canada

24 March 2020

A new guide to help the English pork industry maximise carcase value

24 March 2020

Canadian consumers are ethnically diverse which has a profound influence on the foods purchased and eaten. We discover what the opportunities are for British meat, dairy and potatoes.

24 March 2020

Vietnamese consumers have growing incomes and there is an increasing appetite for high-value imported foods. Food safety and health and wellness are priorities when choosing food.

19 March 2020

In light of the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pig Health Scheme assessments have been suspended

13 March 2020

The industry aim is to add value, use every part of the carcase and minimise wastage. This brochure has been produced to help people working with lamb to get a basic understanding about the yield figures from farm to plate.