Supply Chain

19 July 2019

The uks and uks classifications identify varieties with export potential

19 July 2019

Discover how growing for export could benefit you

19 July 2019

Information on UK grain merchants, including the commodities they trade

22 July 2019

New report reveals the full extent of Brexit’s potential implications for British beef and lamb supply chains

18 July 2019

Could Scandinavian spring barley variety Salome be a viable option for commercial use in the malting sector?

18 July 2019

Phil Bicknell shares his thoughts on UK competitiveness and tapping into global opportunities

15 July 2019

Video: AHDB Exports generates demand for cereals in overseas markets.

9 July 2019

Pig Health and Welfare Council launches biennial report at the Great Yorkshire Show

9 July 2019

This report recounts the activities of the Pig Health and Welfare Council (PHWC) during 2017 and 2018. This has been a challenging time, with the PHWC working to enable the industry to introduce changes in practices that are necessary to meet the targets in respect of reducing antibiotic usage and driving up welfare standards across production systems.

4 July 2019

A six-day mission, organised by ourselves and the Department for International Trade in Mexico, will be starting this weekend in a bid to help promote UK pork to the Mexican livestock industry.

3 July 2019

AHDB is soon to extend isotope testing on pork to include local butchers shops.

8 July 2019

Find out about work to improve barley yields in Shetland