Supply Chain

11 February 2020

How to keep fresh produce free from harmful pathogens

11 February 2020

Chlorine dioxide dosing of irrigation water

11 February 2020

Reducing the risk of pathogen contamination in fresh produce

11 February 2020

How to manage the risk of microbials and pathogens in fresh edible produce

30 January 2020

A study tour in the Netherlands allowed seed potato growers from the UK to see first-hand the developments of a competing nation.

3 March 2020

AHDB Beef & Lamb is always looking for ways to educate, inform and inspire the meat industry and we have found our course looking at the science behind the quality of red meat to be a great way to demonstrate to those working in the industry the whole farm to fork story.

16 January 2020

A range of cuts created from the forequarter that aim to stimulate new ideas in the retail and foodservice sector.

16 January 2020

Develop a basic understanding of pork yield figures from farm to plate. This guide sets out a range of individual cuts and muscles taken from the primal cuts, from which weights have been taken to calculate the overall yield.

7 January 2020

This month is a huge opportunity to set the record straight, says Will Jackson

7 February 2020

View indepth information on how to become an exporter of beef, lamb and pork and the market opportunities available

19 December 2019

Find out more about seed potato production in Great Britain.

18 February 2020

Latest knowledge and best practice to keep fresh produce safe to eat