12 April 2019

Understand how different Brexit scenarios could affect your farm business incomes

29 March 2019

Our latest Horizon report looks at how the potato sector could be affected by Brexit, both in the event of a withdrawal agreement and a no deal scenario.

27 March 2019

Listen to a panel discussion about key issues and impacts of Brexit on the UK’s agricultural and horticultural sectors

26 March 2019

Workforce, the single biggest challenge for global horticulture

25 September 2019

Kantar, IGD and Future Thinking join AHDB to analyse opportunities coming from evolving consumer trends

15 March 2019

Initial assessment of the implications of the Government's no deal tariffs on AHDB's key sectors

13 March 2019

The latest Defra webex on preparations for a no-deal Brexit

13 March 2019

Cull sow prices are potentially very sensitive to a no-deal Brexit, as at the moment cull sow carcases are typically exported to Europe. Under a no-deal scenario, this trade would face additional tariffs, and a lack of alternative markets means farmgate sow prices would be expected to fall. While income from cull sow sales makes up a relatively small percentage of producer incomes, this change would be unwelcome at a time when producers are, on average, already in a loss-making situation.

15 March 2019

Strategies are being put in place to minimise disruption

12 March 2019

Understand your current situation and think about where you want to be, and create a plan which gets you there