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5 February 2021

In a previous blog our head of export trade development for potatoes Patrick Hughes spoke of the importance of the EU market to seed potato growers and how he was hoping for a rapid resolution to the prohibition on UK exports to the Continent. In this week’s blog he updates us on the latest developments for the sector.

22 January 2021

Findings on where reductions in costs or increases to yield can be made in cultivation practice.

15 January 2021

In this week’s blog, AHDB’s head of export trade development for potatoes Patrick Hughes examines the issues around gaining third country listed status for seed potatoes and what the industry might do if a resolution is not reached.

17 November 2020

The bi-annual Seed Potato Industry event will for the first time be held online and delivered via the Hopin digital platform on Tuesday 24th November.

19 November 2020

This webinar will discuss how improved seed management can minimise losses due to blackleg disease.

1 February 2021

Virus testing - how it's done, how to interpret the results and what can be done better.

12 November 2020

This webinar is for all potato growers and those in the industry. It will provide a general overview of what Brexit might mean for our industry.

11 November 2020

This webinar is for importers and exporters of seed and other potatoes and will go into more detail on regulations, restrictions and trade barriers.

8 October 2020

Learn how Brexit will impact the potato industry and how growers and exporters should prepare for this

6 May 2021

What we know about potato virus and how to monitor and manage aphids

4 February 2021

What can you do to minimise aphid damage to your crop?

4 March 2020

Holding on to seed for longer than normal? Here's what to consider