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26 November 2019

Patrick Hughes will work with UK exporters to both maintain the current market position while also exploring further opportunities overseas

13 November 2019

Seed storage is a key element of modern-day potato production, aiming to produce high-quality, clean seed to fulfil the demands of many markets.

6 February 2020

A factsheet to help assess the disease risk of seed potatoes and plan a growth strategy

23 August 2019

Red Tractor are looking for industry feedback on potential changes to the Safe Haven Standards, the seed potato assurance scheme.

6 June 2019

Summer events preview, Meet the regional team, Assurances for seed exports to Egypt, Next Gen visit Westminster

23 May 2019

The future of disease control, followed by a 'what do I get for my levy?' Q&A

11 March 2019

Those looking to export potatoes to the EU post-Brexit likely to struggle in a No Deal situation.

17 January 2019

Fruit Logistica takes place in Berlin from 6-8 February. Over the course of the event British horticulture and potato companies will seek to build new relationships with numerous international visitors.

26 June 2018

AHDB is encouraging seed potato producers to consider Cuba as an export destination after recent meetings with Government officials in the country

22 May 2018

Warning leaflet for farm staff. Contaminating seed potatoes with glyphosate, even at very low levels, can lead to poor performance of seed potatoes. Use this leaflet to advise staff of the importance of safe application when near seed potatoes