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22 May 2023

British lamb is being showcased at a major US trade show to help capitalise on opportunities in the foodservice sector.

27 April 2023

Experts have urged water companies and individuals to focus on preserving water now to get ahead of future dry spells, after the country experienced contrasting weather bouts over the past couple of months.

25 April 2023

An impressive nine out of ten consumers who saw the most recent We Eat Balanced TV advert agreed it successfully communicated that meat and dairy form part of a balanced diet.

24 April 2023

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board is to make new breeding values for abattoir traits an integral part of the National Terminal Sire Evaluation through its Signet Breeding Services, following significant analysis of abattoir data.

19 April 2023

Find out more about AHDB'S role at the 2023 event.

17 April 2023

Find out more about the exciting events AHDB has been attending.

21 March 2023

The importance of animal-based foods including in a healthy and sustainable diet.

15 March 2023

Good news for US red meat exports.

10 March 2023

More news from the Annual Meat Conference 2023.

6 March 2023

A look at the red meat export opportunities in the US.

3 March 2023

AHDB to return to Foodex event in Japan for 2023.

6 January 2023

AHDB seeking two new board members to also act as Sector Chairs