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16 September 2021

Consumer price inflation is being influenced by comparisons between a nation in lockdown a year ago, versus a return to norm in summer 2021.

10 August 2021

Work highlighting the role of red meat in a healthy balanced diet has received significant coverage in a number of national daily national newspapers including The Sun, The Mirror and The Guardian.

18 December 2020

Information on what levy payers receive from MI, SI and CI teams

17 October 2019

Blue Planet 2 brought plastic pollution to the forefront of the British environment debate. New research by AHDB has shown plastic usage in packaging is a concern for 86% of consumers.

9 November 2020

We all know lamb tastes great - but did you know it's good for you, too?

12 November 2019

The dairy sector, and liquid milk specifically, is often seen as a category under attack. From plant-based alternatives to changing habits, what are the drivers of change and what are the best strategies to retain consumers in the category?

29 July 2021

Our analysts look at how the lamb market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

16 August 2019

With rising food insecurity, an increasing amount of leftovers are hitting our stomachs, rather than hitting the bottom of the bin.

14 April 2020

The United States has some of the highest levels of food consumption in the world. We discover how their desire for low cost but high quality affect consumer demand and how premium British products could stand out in this highly competitive market.

4 June 2019

The over-65 age range increased their visits to pubs and restaurants last year

4 June 2019

Return of last years lost shoppers

4 June 2019

How can the bread category evolve to combat changing consumer attitudes?