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3 January 2024

Preparation is key. Not only does it save time during an outbreak, but it can also help limit the impact too.

16 October 2023

A biosecurity checklist to remind yourself and your team of the simple things which could keep disease away from your pigs.

3 March 2022

The ongoing development of African swine fever (ASF) in continental Europe is a growing concern.

13 July 2021

We take a look at how German pork trade has been affected following the confirmation of ASF in its wild boar herd in September.

3 November 2020

Find out how coronavirus has presented opportunities to help us understand how we could better prepare for disease outbreaks future

9 May 2022

A set of practical measures you can take to prevent and limit the spread of infectious diseases on your farm. On this page, we've compiled a range of advice and resources, from general best practice to farm-specific information to help you protect your farming business.

13 July 2021

Earlier today, Germany announced its first confirmed case of African Swine Fever, found in a wild boar near the Polish border.

30 January 2024

Chinese whey imports reached a ten-year high in July, running 64% up on the year before, suggesting the pig herd is rebuilding after ASF

13 January 2023

How to reduce the spread of disease to keep your pig unit healthy and cost-efficient

28 September 2023

Help raise awareness of the importance of clean vehicles – spread the word, not the disease

28 July 2022

We need all pig producers, farmers and the public to pull together to keep ASF out.

6 March 2024

All our resources on identifying and stopping the spread of African Swine Fever