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11 October 2021

Find details about the consultancies taking part in the Farm Business Review service

13 August 2021

There are many differing types of finance available for farm businesses.

13 August 2021

Restructuring borrowing can be used to reduce loan repayments, freeing up cash within the business.

13 August 2021

Review your farm accounts and understand your business costs, profit and cash.

7 September 2021

Read our resources to help guide your farm finance plan

7 September 2021

Read our information and resources on skills, training and more

6 July 2021

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is a new government scheme that rewards environmental land management. Find out more about the new policy and keep checking back for updates as the scheme develops.

18 June 2021

Steve shares his thought on the loss of direct payments and what action to take

28 September 2021

Find out how you can use Lean principles to create more value and reduce waste.

7 December 2020

It is important to make sure that you have the right people in your business to help you build resilience and ultimately reach your farm business goals.

13 August 2021

A cash flow forecast will help you to understand when your business will go into deficit, or breach your overdraft limit, helping you to take action in advance

29 July 2020

Where to find support on coronavirus, Brexit, health and safety and business planning