Understanding your finances and farm business accounts

Understanding your farm finances and financial performance is essential before making long–term decisions when changing your farm business. Find out how you can review your business financial position and improve it if needed.

Planning for profits

From conducting a self-review of your business to applying for finance, our resources can help you to manage your money.

You’ll also find information on finance options and restructuring your borrowing. Browse the pages below for more information.

Conducting a basic business review

How much profit does your farm business generate? How much cash does your business have available for reinvestment in the farm?

Find out to carry out a basic business review

Restructuring borrowing or refinancing existing loans

If your business is profitable but short on cash restructuring, borrowing can free up cash within your business. 

Read more information on changing your borrowing

Different types of borrowing

Find out what types of finance are available to farms and which option is most suitable for your business.

See the different types of borrowing options

Getting finance and speaking to your bank

Read our information on applying for finance and investigate what you’ll need to do to prepare before speaking to your bank manager.

Find out more about getting finance and contacting the bank

Managing cash flow

A cash flow forecast will help you to understand when your business will go into deficit, or breach your overdraft limit, helping you to take action in advance.

Learn more about managing your cash flow