Fit for the Future

29 July 2020

Where to find support on coronavirus, Brexit, health and safety and business planning

14 September 2020

The art of negotiation is simply about having a strategic discussion in order to reach an agreement that both parties find acceptable, yet many business owners find it an uncomfortable topic.

12 August 2020

The concerns associated with Covid-19 this has led to increased stress and anxiety for many business owners. AHDB has therefore teamed up with key farming charities to give you specialist advice to help you provide support to your farming team

5 August 2020

With compounding market and financial pressures as well as worries over Covid-19, join representatives from the RSABI charity who support people in Scottish Agriculture to find out how to seek help and support

29 July 2020

Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in the farming sector where there is a lot of change and uncertainty on the horizon.

22 July 2020

This year resilience levels have been tested with the increased demand to supply higher volumes of produce in shorter time frames, and this has undoubtedly put strain on both our physical and mental well-being.

15 July 2020

Financial pressures are a huge cause of stress and anxiety in the agriculture sector, which can compromise the mental health and wellbeing of any business owner

8 July 2020

In the agriculture sector, there are numerous risk factors which can jeopardise the mental health and wellbeing of those working within it. Recognising the symptoms and starting the conversation can make such a difference to your outlook, as well as creating a support network for others.

13 July 2020

Contingency planning is an important part of any business and will help you to be able to react to a changing situation, respond quickly to allow business continuity, and recover the business to minimise potential damage.

15 June 2020

Seven new Monitor Farms join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme this summer to improve business performance and share best practice.

2 March 2020

Chasing yield is no longer the biggest priority for a mother and son farming partnership in Essex

12 March 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales