Fit for the Future

20 October 2021

The evolution of sheep breeds revealed in the latest Sheep Breed Survey results webinar

11 October 2021

Find details about the consultancies taking part in the Farm Business Review service

18 August 2021

Help for 4,000 farmers and growers in England to plan, prepare and prosper

25 August 2021

Visualise the impact the reduction in BPS payments will have on your farm

13 October 2021

Online tools, expert advice and peer support

13 August 2021

Find out how to get finance for your farm business.

7 September 2021

Read our resources to help guide your farm finance plan

30 July 2021

Tom Forshaw looks at the contentious issue of food standards in future trade deals and why media attention might be focusing on the wrong things.

7 September 2021

Read our information and resources on skills, training and more

23 July 2021

After three years of negotiations, the EU institutions reached an agreement last month on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

14 July 2021

AHDB has secured £3.9million of funding to help thousands of farmers and growers navigate the fallout of the loss of direct payments and help future proof their businesses.

6 July 2021

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is a new government scheme that rewards environmental land management. Find out more about the new policy and keep checking back for updates as the scheme develops.