Fit for the Future

23 June 2021

AHDB's Dr Jon Foot shares his thoughts how farming can get to net zero

18 June 2021

Steve shares his thought on the loss of direct payments and what action to take

18 June 2021

AHDB’s David Swales looks beyond the rhetoric, exploring the potential significance of the recent announcement, as well as its potential impact.

30 July 2021

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3 June 2021

AHDB’s Tania Gesto-Casás discusses the experience and learnings of meat exporters from different European countries so far since launching into our new trading relationship.

26 May 2021

Meet the data and analysis team

19 March 2021

Independent evidence-based analysis on a possible US/UK trade deal to cut through the speculation and answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and the wider agri-food sector.

3 March 2021

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3 March 2021

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26 February 2021

A glossary of terms relating to carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

9 August 2021

Carbon has become shorthand for greenhouse gases – a range of natural gases and particles – mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide, including dust.

9 September 2021

Facts and figures on Australian and UK cereals and oilseeds production and trade.