16 June 2022

With Bruce Daisley, author, ex vice president of Twitter, and workplace culture enthusiast.

19 May 2022

Find out what you can learn from the Jamie’s Farm principles to better support and steer young people.

3 May 2022

Read the latest blog from placement student Kerri Coffey

25 April 2022

One of many challenges you’ll face as a pig unit manager is when one of the team decides to leave.

18 May 2022

Designed to inspire and challenge your thinking on business-related topics, our AgriLeader programme provides farmers with the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn how to become more resilient in times of change.

15 March 2022

Use this template to look at the specific elements of the Five Drivers that produce engagement and results for organisations.

7 March 2022

The pig welfare training is hosted on an online training platform, which has been designed for individual users to log in and complete. If you would like to run group training with your team, we recommend using the guidance in this document.

17 February 2022

The AgriLeader Forum 2022 depicted in cartoons

15 February 2022

Kerri Coffey

17 February 2022

Kerri joins AHDB as part of her Pig Industry Scholarship following six months at Bedfordia Farms

17 February 2022

First AgriLeader Forum provokes candid discussions about leadership

11 February 2022

What activities can you eliminate, reduce, raise and create to improve your leadership? Use this template to identify areas where you can become more effective as a leader, and a team, so that you can take your business to the next level.