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Market Insight

2 November 2018

In this episode, AHDB Market Specialists Manager Vikki Campbell explores the key messages from AHDB's 2018 Grain Market Outlook Conference.

13 November 2019

Learn the things which set the highest-performing farms apart from the rest and improve your own farm performance

19 October 2018

The strained trade relationship between the US and China is having a fundamental impact on world grain markets, delegates at AHDB’s Grain Market Outlook Conference were told this week.

3 October 2018

As we move forward through the season, challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the cereals and oilseeds markets.

26 September 2018

Despite recent news that Vivergo is shutting down for the foreseeable future, AHDB market analysts say the impacts that will be felt, while important, might not be to the same extent as some might have initially assumed.

8 August 2018

This article by our Market Intelligence team looks into the impact of the heatwave on ewe feed usage.

8 August 2018

Insight into how the drought affects cattle feed usage.

12 September 2018

Yn seiliedig ar rifynnau blaenorol o Horizon, mae’r adroddiad hwn yn canolbwyntio’n benodol ar beth fydd Brexit yn ei olygu i amaethyddiaeth a garddwriaeth yng Nghymru.

11 October 2018

Building on previous editions of Horizon, this report focuses specifically on what Brexit will mean for Welsh agriculture and horticulture.