Market Insight

20 August 2019

9 August 2019

19 July 2019

The GB R4L steer price has fallen by 44p since September, the biggest drop since 2014. What factors might have influenced this?

15 July 2019

During the latest video from AHDB, Market Analyst Tom Forshaw talks about the impact African Swine Fever is having on beef and lamb markets around the world.

5 July 2019

Following a year of challenging agronomics and pest pressure, the English oilseed rape area has fallen to a 16-year low

4 July 2019

Laureate overtook the old favourite Concerto as the most purchased spring variety from both England and Scotland

3 July 2019

The gross margin for winter milling wheat is once again one of the strongest at £737/ha, owing to good yields and firm prices.

7 June 2019

After a tough 2018 season, Scottish potatoes have become increasingly important to maintain supply this year, according to statistics from AHDB.

5 June 2019

Our analysts look at the latest farm expenses figures, such as feed, fertiliser and fuel

12 July 2019

Our analysts look at how the potatoes market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

20 August 2019

Tap into opportunities for meat, dairy and potatoes across Asia by exploring its diverse and changing needs

20 May 2019

Three industry organisations have joined forces to launch a brand new field-based arable event for Scotland.