Market Insight

17 July 2024

Quarterly round-up of key dairy market analysis

27 June 2024

Price boosts for dairy commodities

20 June 2024

Monthly round up of dairy market analysis

19 June 2024

After surging prices in the first half of 2024, the sheep meat sector will be challenged in the second half of the year with falling production and tight budgets impacting consumer demand.

17 June 2024

Farmers, producers, retailers and industry stakeholders are invited to access key industry insight at an upcoming webinar

11 July 2024

Defra has released further information on the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) today (21 May 2024), revealing an 'expanded and improved offer'.

20 May 2024

The Spring flush has now passed - but how much has the wet weather impacted milk production?

16 May 2024

How will falling Chinese emand for dairy products impact the UK?

8 May 2024

Monthly round-up of the key analysis in dairy markets

18 April 2024

Quarterly round up of key dairy market analysis

18 April 2024

Key prospects for British mozzarella

4 March 2024

The final stage of the Welsh Government’s consultation regarding the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) is due to close on 07 March 2023. The proposal details the scope of the SFS, the actions involved, and how SFS payments will affect payments from the Basic Payment Scheme.