Market Insight

22 March 2023

Dairy demand continues to soften in retail

14 February 2023

Is Veganuary less relevant to consumers now? We take a look at the impact on the dairy alts market.

3 March 2023

Now the regulated UK Emissions Trading Scheme is established, the UK government wants it to evolve to include greenhouse gas removals, potentially impacting farmers in future.

28 March 2023

More details regarding the Sustainable Farming Incentive and Countryside Stewardship Plus schemes were announced today.

28 March 2023

More money announced for farmers taking part in agri-environment schemes.

8 December 2022

In this blog AHDB Trainee Analyst, Isabelle Shohet, explores the concept of policy coherence; the extent to which the various agricultural policies come with co-benefits and trade-offs.

23 November 2022

This week, we published the popular annual report that examines the cost of pig meat production in 17 countries.

23 November 2022

This report examines the relative costs of pig production in selected countries during 2021.

2 January 2024

How does the price of cow's milk compare to alternatives in the face of rampant inflation?

28 March 2023

On Monday 5th September Defra announced the successful projects that will receive funding through the Landscape Recovery scheme. The 22 projects are across England and aim to restore rivers, and protect species and habitats. T

28 March 2023

This article explores the developments in Scottish agricultural policy.

28 March 2023

The first ever Welsh Agriculture Bill is presented before the Welsh Parliament, plus speculation around English policy.