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26 January 2023

Helping to ensure that pork continues to feature on shopping lists of Britain’s households, the campaign aims to inform consumers about the leaner cuts of pork, such as medallions, loins, mince, and fillet as well as how pork can form part of a healthy, balanced diet, as it is a source of nine vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12.

25 October 2022

New family-friendly recipes will feed a family of four for under £5, with some recipes costing less than £1 per person using pork cuts such as the shoulder, sausages, and lean mince. With mouth-watering photography and simple, tasty recipes adverts aim to encourage shoppers to purchase economical cuts of pork to create everyday dishes.

31 August 2022

We are encouraging consumers to cook tasty, low-cost, inspiring pork recipes and recommending practical hints and tips to eat well without breaking the bank.

27 May 2022

A new campaign, launched to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, will encourage people to make their barbecue more majestic by including pork, lamb and beef steaks alongside ‘royal-ing up’ their favourite sausages and burgers

4 April 2022

Ninety-two per cent of consumers agreed the latest AHDB TV advert communicated that pork medallions were a healthy mealtime choice.

23 April 2024

A summary of the areas funded by your levy and what it achieves

23 April 2020

We are calling on farmers and industry to push pulled pork as part of a new £100,000 consumer campaign

21 May 2019

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Senior Marketing Manager Gareth Renowden and Matt Southam, Head of Retail and Foodservice Engagement, for a webinar to discuss the upcoming consumer marketing campaign for lamb.

10 May 2019

A new £1.4 million marketing campaign for lamb is to be launched by AHDB as industry seeks to further support the sheep sector.

6 March 2019

Cinema advertising will be used for the first time in the £1.2 million consumer marketing campaign which runs nationwide for ten weeks from 11th March.