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11 May 2021

Find out the results of our latest potatoes marketing campaign.

4 May 2021

A summary of the areas funded by your levy and what it achieves

18 February 2021

Learn more about the latest success of our new marketing campaign which features baked potatoes as a versatile, tasty and easy meal.

1 February 2021

In February we are launching a new marketing campaign which will be promoting jacket potatoes.

2 December 2020

This part includes a presentation about marketing from Nicola Dodd - Senior Marketing Manager - AHDB and the Awards Ceremony

23 April 2020

We are calling on farmers and industry to push pulled pork as part of a new £100,000 consumer campaign

21 May 2019

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Senior Marketing Manager Gareth Renowden and Matt Southam, Head of Retail and Foodservice Engagement, for a webinar to discuss the upcoming consumer marketing campaign for lamb.

10 May 2019

A new £1.4 million marketing campaign for lamb is to be launched by AHDB as industry seeks to further support the sheep sector.

6 March 2019

Cinema advertising will be used for the first time in the £1.2 million consumer marketing campaign which runs nationwide for ten weeks from 11th March.