Dairy: what do I get for my levy?

Helping dairy farmers prosper

We want British dairy farmers to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Rising global populations and growing demand for nutritious foods mean the long-term prospects for British dairy remain bright.

However, we must respond to growing consumer interest not only in animal health and welfare, but increasingly in our environment footprint.

Your levy at work

Consumer marketing

Your levy funded three campaigns in the last 12 months, delivering regular activity to shift consumer attitudes, particularly those thinking about reducing dairy consumption.

  • We Eat Balanced - a £1.5m campaign to promote a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet with results showing 13% fewer people intended to cut back on dairy and 9% more shoppers are reassured about dairy nutrition
  • Milk Your Moments delivered £6.6M (11.2 million litres) of incremental sales of fresh milk and 15% of the target audience are less likely to switch to dairy alternatives

Strategic dairy farms

Your levy supports a network of 22 strategic dairy farms who share good practice through on-farm and virtual events, giving you access to industry experts and the latest research. Of the levy payers who attended an event:

  • 92% said changes made would have a positive impact on costs, productivity or profitability
  • 60% experienced or anticipated a financial benefit estimated to be £36,000

Dairy breeding and genetics

Over £500,000 of your levy is invested every year on genetic and genomics, which includes evaluations of over 1 million live cows each year and delivers:

  • £297 improvement in UK farmers’ herds for every £1 of levy spent
  • £44.5 million estimated industry benefit from genetic improvements in the UK herd in 2020

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How is your levy invested?

Learn more about the dairy levy income and expenditure for the financial year 2020/21

Further detail about levy income and spend

The AHDB Dairy Board

The AHDB Dairy board consists of a chairman, eight dairy farmers and two independent members who help develop strategy, manage the financial position and ensure effective governance.

Learn more about the dairy board and access minutes from previous meetings

Key areas of focus over the next five years

We will invest in two main areas – improving farm performance and enhancing dairy’s reputation – while seeking out opportunities to work with others in Britain and overseas. 

Explore our key focus areas over the next five years

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