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12 August 2021

Find out how pig slurry could be used to power vehicles

21 April 2021

When it comes to storing slurry, there are several different systems available. Find out which system works best for you.

21 April 2021

Find out what legal responsibilities you must adhere to when constructing new slurry stores or altering existing ones.

11 January 2021

Join AHDB’s Siwan Howatson, Grass & Forage Scientist and James Holmes, Resource Management Scientist for a discussion on making the best use of slurry, manure and fertiliser.

20 November 2020

The rate of ammonia volatilisation from floors is influenced by ambient temperature and air exchange rate. Controlling these factors will reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Agriculture is a significant contributor to UK ammonia emissions, however, there are steps that you can take to reduce emissions on your dairy farm.

6 August 2020

For those who are unaware of ‘slurry cooling’, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to demonstrate how slurry cooling works. This animation shows a number of proven options available to help you reduce ammonia emissions and comply with forthcoming compliance targets for environmental permitting.

4 June 2021

The aim of this project was to investigate the potential of soil stabilisation techniques to increase the range of soils which could be suitable for construction of slurry storage lagoons.

5 May 2020

We look at the factors affecting the nutrient requirements of lucerne.

10 August 2021

Ensure the slurry store on your farm is practical, safe and legally compliant.

19 November 2019

Software may now enable British farmers and growers to unlock the full potential of their land by applying the exact nutrients it needs.

30 June 2020

This report introduces the use of slurry cooling and associated heat recovery in the reduction of ammonia emissions from stored pig slurry.