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13 July 2021

Last year, Welsh farmers supplied 2.0 bn litres of milk, of which 50% was processed in Wales and 50% was transported into England

13 July 2021

The rise in milk production in GB over recent years has been driven by increased volumes out of Wales and Scotland

13 July 2021

Welsh milk production is estimated at 1,976 million litres for 2019/20, just 0.2% higher than the level estimated in 2018/19.

13 July 2021

Milk processing capability in Wales has fallen, leading to an increase in milk transported to England for processing

18 June 2019

Rhual Dairy in Flintshire has been named as the first AHDB strategic dairy farm in Wales. Run by John and Anna Booth as part of a shared farming partnership, Rhual Dairy is an all-year-round-calving herd with 336 Holstein Friesian cows.

1 February 2019

Have your say on the AHDB Monitor Farm programme 2019

15 January 2019

Welsh farmers have the opportunity to join a local group of like-minded farmers confidentially discussing the physical and financial challenges they face.

12 February 2019

Pembrokeshire Monitor Farm: Do you know how much your machinery is costing your business?

13 November 2018

AHDB’s Pembrokeshire Monitor Farm met on Wednesday 7 November to look in depth at different cultivation strategies and the impact they have on the soils. We spoke to three of the group to find out more…

26 October 2018

Dairy farmers in Wales are being invited to apply for financial and technical support to improve herd health management and disease control, as part of the Dairy Improvement Programme.

8 June 2022

Our initiative to improve herd health management and expand our strategic farm programme across Wales

3 June 2019

Brexit will provide Welsh agriculture and horticulture with both risks and opportunities so farmers and growers, as well as other parts of the supply chain, need to prepare now.