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9 February 2021

Would you like to learn more about the components of successful heifer development? This February we will be joined by Rick Funston, Professor of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska , for a webinar to discuss heifer development.

19 April 2021

FAQs to introduce farmers and other industry stakeholders to the GB Dairy Calf Strategy

17 June 2020

Northumberland grower Pip Robson is the new Monitor Farmer in the North East of the UK

18 March 2019

Reports of cows dying from straw impaction is highlighting the risks associated with feeding straw-based rations to suckler cows.

14 November 2018

The running of efficient, productive cows that thrive within the farm’s specific environment, while making the most of the available resources, is vital. This document examines the issues related to suckler cow performance so that producers can develop the right female replacements for their system

7 October 2020

Brassica crops can provide nutritious, cost-effective feeds for beef cattle and sheep. They can increase output per hectare and can be used for out-wintering to extend the grazing season. This manual provides guidance on how to use brassicas effectively in beef and sheep systems