Contents tagged with soil assessment

14 March 2023

Soil assessment methods cover physical, chemical and/or biological indicators.

22 November 2023

Case study to show assessment of biological indicators of soil health at Balbirnie Home Farms.

13 March 2023

Find out how soil respiration can be tested in-field or by laboratory analysis.

10 October 2023

Find out how to determine soil texture, an inherent property of soils.

11 July 2023

How to measure soil phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, pH and soil organic matter.

15 March 2023

A drainpipe test is a simple way to measure infiltration of water into soil.

2 January 2024

The soil health scorecard approach has been tested by farmers across a range of production systems in the UK.

15 November 2023

All assessments require a robust soil sampling strategy.

19 June 2023

Find out about the soil health scorecard as an integrated approach for soil health monitoring.

8 February 2024

Soil assessments will help you to understand your soil better and identify where improvements can be made.

10 October 2023

DNA techniques are being researched to estimate the effect of soil- and crop-management practices on soil microbial communities.

11 August 2023

Short pocketbook with simple steps to assess soil structure