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13 July 2021

As at 1 March, pig numbers in the US recorded a 4% increase compared to the previous year.

22 October 2019

It's important to measure light, make sure any new installations have timers fitted and provide uniform lighting for pigs. This guide covers the principles of light in relation to pig production, both from a behavioural point of view and from optimising production.

22 October 2019

Key factors to consider when choosing lighting for pig units. This includes the requirements at different stages of production, as well as measuring light and selecting systems.

22 October 2019

A review of lights currently available for pig buildings.

25 April 2024

A series of workshops delivered by technical experts covering each stage of pig production, from service to sale.

25 April 2024

A programme of problem-solving workshops designed to build on existing pig husbandry knowledge

19 November 2019

East Midlands pig club: Come and hear from Sadie Douglas (Primary Diets) about life without zinc oxide.

8 November 2019

East Midlands pig club: Come and hear about how we're working with producers to monitor gilt performance.

30 January 2020

The Fens pig club: Come along to find out what Defra's updated welfare code means for you

11 September 2019

The Fens pig club: We'll be hearing from producer Simon Watchorn about how he uses data to make decisions on his farm.