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21 October 2020

Maximise returns through having the optimal stock for your system.

21 October 2020

Learn more about where to handle live animals to assess fatness levels.

21 October 2020

Learn more about where to handle live animals to assess conformation.

21 October 2020

Learn more about selecting beef cattle for slaughter.

21 October 2020

Maximise your returns by selecting animals at the right time and to the right specification for the market.

29 September 2020

Learn why pigs behave in certain ways and how they respond to humans, as well as how to handle them effectively.

13 May 2020

Understand the dangers on your pig farm and what you can do to reduce the risks

3 September 2020

Find out how a piglet sorter, built from stockboard, has improved handling and sorting piglets

13 June 2019

On all farms sheep have to be moved and handled several times during the year, which can compromise performance if managed badly. This manual gives an insight into a range of sheep behaviours and explains how a system can be designed and operated to handle sheep calmly, safely and efficiently

27 August 2019

The way for sheep producers to maximise returns is to produce and sell the type of sheep buyers really want and are willing to pay for. This manual covers the key issues producers face when marketing prime lambs, from identifying target markets to selecting lambs to market

25 October 2018

With careful management, surplus pure dairy-bred male calves can be a useful option for beef farmers looking to source additional animals to rear and finish. This manual gives an overview of how to produce good quality beef from surplus male dairy calves