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28 July 2022

As policy is moving towards recognising and rewarding farmers and land managers for environmental outputs it has got me thinking about the direction of travel of carbon markets and the importance of natural capital.

13 June 2022

Chief Executive Tim Rycroft on AHDB's position on the Government Food Strategy.

31 May 2022

As we approach year two of reductions in Basic Payments in England, and as those reductions increase in size for most farmers, I have been reflecting on my team’s work since the EU referendum.

30 March 2022

Defra have announced a package of support for farmers ahead of the coming growing season which includes further guidance on the Sustainable Farming Incentive.

4 February 2022

Are you eligible to receive funding under the new Landscape Recovery scheme?

6 December 2021

Amandeep explores new information on how SFI will work in 2022

14 July 2021

AHDB has secured £3.9million of funding to help thousands of farmers and growers navigate the fallout of the loss of direct payments and help future proof their businesses.

3 March 2021

Watch our latest trade and policy webinars

28 September 2020

The SUPER-G project is a European wide project aiming to work with farmers and policy makers to develop sustainable & effective permanent grassland systems. Aims of this project include optimising productivity, supporting biodiversity and delivering a number of other ecosystems services.

12 March 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales

21 November 2018

A summary of the key aspects of evolving farm policy across the nations of the UK.