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5 August 2021

Several treatments – residual insecticides, fumigants and physical desiccants – are available to help control pest infestations.

4 August 2021

Top tips on how to use pest monitoring traps.

4 August 2021

Highly influenced by moisture content and temperature, the main causes of spoilage in stored grain are fungi, insects and mites.

29 July 2021

Weed control in the first six weeks after sowing is critical to maize performance. Learn more about maize's damaging pests and diseases.

27 July 2021

Also called roundworms or eelworms, discover which nematodes harm crops and which support a healthy soil ecosystem.

26 July 2021

These insects are an important indicator of ecosystem health, so it is essential to know which ones are present in your crops.

26 July 2021

Flies (Diptera) are the most numerous insects found on farmland.

21 July 2022

Learn how to recognise the diverse species of bugs and thrips that damage crops.

12 July 2021

Beetles (Coleoptera) are common on farmland, but only a few species are crop pests.

12 July 2021

Learn about the pest’s life cycle and the opportunities for management, including spray treatment thresholds.

23 April 2021

Frit fly, leatherjackets and slugs are some of the pests to consider when reseeding grassland. Our information will help you manage the risks of pest burdens and control methods.

26 February 2021

Paul Gosling looks at how to make the best choice for your rotation.