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13 August 2021

Learn how to combine monitoring practices, cultural control, biological control and the use of plant protection products into an effective integrated pest management programme for mite control.

10 August 2021

Learn more about the various tyrophagus mites and their impact on ornamental crops.

10 August 2021

Learn more about the tarsonemid mites of significance on ornamentals, including the broad mite, bulb scale mite and cyclamen mite.

10 August 2021

Learn more about the eriophyid mites which impact ornamentals, including their recognition and feeding symptoms on host plants.

13 August 2021

Learn more about the most common pest species of spider mite: two-spotted spider mite, bryobia mites, carmine spider mite, citrus red mite, conifer spinning mite, fruit tree red spider mite.

26 August 2021

Follow the guidance in these pages for effective management of mites in the production of hardy nursery stock, bedding plants and pot plants.

13 August 2021

Find out sources of infestation and learn how thrips monitoring forms a vital part of any management strategy.

13 August 2021

Find out how to identify the main thrips species that can damage protected ornamentals.

16 August 2021

Read guidance for the development of effective management programmes for pest thrips species of protected ornamental crops.

5 August 2021

Several treatments – residual insecticides, fumigants and physical desiccants – are available to help control pest infestations.

4 August 2021

Top tips on how to use pest monitoring traps.

11 August 2021

Resources, tools and publications for the control and management of PCN in potato crops