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16 March 2022

Our tool provides a strong indication of infection risk and can help focus disease monitoring.

24 January 2022

High winter rainfall encourages the development and spread of light leaf spot in infected oilseed rape.

5 November 2021

These static light leaf spot forecast maps provide an indication of historic disease risk in Great Britain.

20 September 2021

Leaves, flowers, stems and pods may all show symptoms of infection

24 January 2022

Learn about the drivers of risk and management options

29 October 2020

To minimise wastage this winter, go back to basics and assess housing, as well as looking at alternatives.

17 May 2022

Forecast risk to winter oilseed rape (OSR) ranks among the lowest recorded in recent years.

14 October 2020

When it comes to fungicides, is inaction is better than action for light leaf spot?

1 October 2020

The predicted date for threshold breach varies widely across the UK

8 October 2021

When use is necessary, a well-timed fungicide is an important part of control

7 August 2020

Livestock farmers are encouraged to forward buy or secure their straw requirement, or look at alternative bedding options for this coming winter, sooner rather than later.