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13 September 2019

The vast majority of aphids tested do not carry BYDV

6 September 2019

This tool uses weather data to indicate the optimum time to apply insecticides to cereals

18 June 2019

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin scores and target T3 fungicide sprays in wheat

29 March 2019

These alerts can help guide the application of protectant fungicides to oilseed rape.

29 March 2019

Each spring, the autumn forecast is updated to take account of winter rainfall

27 February 2019

2018 is likely to be remembered for some extreme weather. But how will that affect farming in 2019?

30 May 2019

The AHDB WeatherHub brings together sources of weather and related data.

24 July 2019

All the latest analysis on weather events and their effect on farming and growing

11 September 2019

Light leaf spot is one of the most important foliar diseases of oilseed rape. This page includes information about the disease and their management.

26 July 2019

Sclerotinia in oilseed rape is caused by a fungal pathogen. Discover the main factors that influence disease risk and the management options.

13 September 2019

AHDB Aphid News provides regional information on aphid species and numbers. Download the latest edition below.

26 October 2018

The AHDB WeatherHub can now be used to help target propyzamide applications to winter oilseed rape.